How Airports Are Improving the Process

In the logistics industry, air cargo carriers rely on airports and efficiency when transporting cargo on behalf of their clients. Accounting for tracking, transfers and more, airports have a long process for shipping cargo. Airports are slowly introducing improvements to make air cargo have even faster, more efficient shipments to destinations.

Millions of tons of goods travel through airports every year. Airports are the air freight cargo hubs of the world and without expansion, air freight wouldn’t be capable of growth. Here are a few ways that airports are expanding and improving the process of air cargo shipping for faster deliveries and customer/client satisfaction.


In March of this year alone, the demand for air freight increased 14%, the highest and fastest increase recorded since October of 2010. With the demand steadily on the rise, access to infrastructure is urgently important. The more infrastructure available, the more space and opportunity air freight companies have.

Freight volumes were on the rise during the first quarter. Europe and Asia reported the strongest regional growth in the industry, with North American and Middle Eastern carriers tied as they followed behind. As such volumes expand, it’s critical that cargo carriers have access to enough infrastructure. This is why it’s not uncommon that many airports are expanding their infrastructure.

In  2017, Vienna Airport has major plans of investing and expanding. The Air Cargo Center will be expanding by one-third of it’s space with over 161,000 square feet. In a sustainability initiative, the roof of the Air Cargo Center will be covered by one of the largest photovoltaic facilities in Austria to generate electricity.

A 20 year plan began in 2016 at the Hartsfield-Jackson Airport to work through both an expansion and a makeover. Although most of the plans pertain to travelers, the expected growth and revenue could mean opportunities to come for the cargo industry as well. The better an airport does financially, the better it can do in all industries of air fair.

With such expansions, airports are strategically working to provide more access to infrastructure and cargo facilities for logistic companies, creating consistent growth.

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